combination skin care

your intro to combination skin care and skin needs

Some people have dry skin, some have oily skin – some people have both! More common than not, if you’ve ever struggled with patches of dry skin and oily skin simultaneously, you might have combination skin.

Combination skin can be difficult to care for, especially in a market saturated with products. Trust the skin care trainers at skoah facial shop to help you care for your combination skin.

Keep up with shifting skin needs. Find a skoah facial shop location and speak with a professional skin care trainer.

signs you have a combination skin type

If you’ve ever struggled to choose between dry and oily skin products, you likely have combination skin. Here are some signs:

  • Two or more skin textures on your face
  • Greasy, flaky skin
  • An oily T-zone with dry patches on other parts of your face
  • Your skin feels tight after a shower
  • Your skin switches between oily and dry at different times of the year or month
  • Your pores are different sizes on distinct parts of your face

common causes of combination skin

Skin types are natural and often determined by genetics, but some factors may exaggerate the symptoms of combination skin:

  • Hormonal changes, such as during menopause, pregnancy, or your menstrual cycle
  • Seasonal changes (combination skin is most evident in fall and spring)
  • Changes in heat and humidity
  • New medications
  • Increased stress
  • Using the wrong products for your skin

ideal facials for combination skin

Not just any facial will work for combination skin. At a skoah facial shop, our skin care trainers know how to customize treatments based on your skin’s condition and needs.

Recommended treatments include:

  1. facialiscious™ facial. Facialiscious is our most customizable facial. Our skin care trainers can use multimasking – using different types of masks on separate areas of your face – to treat distinct skin type areas. An ultra-hydrating facial, facialiscious benefits dry and oily skin types.
  2. pro peel™. Less harsh than other chemical peels, the pro peel helps to strip oils, signs of acne and skin damage from your T-zone. The hydrating mask (applied after the peel) soothes drier areas on your cheeks.
  3. extract™ facial. Focus exclusively on your T-zone with an extract facial. We’ll leave the drier areas of your face alone and target only the area that requires extraction.
Line of Skoah® facial products for skin care

trust our team with your combination skin

Having combination skin may feel like a struggle, but the professional skin care trainers at skoah are here to help you get your glow™. Find a skoah facial shop location near you to receive personalized skin care services and stock up on our professional product line.

Application of Skoah® combination skin facial product

frequently asked questions

Combination skin is skin that’s oily in one place (usually your nose, forehead, and chin) but otherwise dry. Combination skin can be challenging to care for if you don’t recognize that each skin type should be cared for individually.

The pores on your face control the amount of sebum – skin oil – produced. Pores act individually, and those in specific areas (like those in the T-zone) are more likely to over-produce sebum, clogging your pores and causing issues with acne and oily skin. Others, on your cheeks, may under-produce sebum and cause dryness and flakiness.

Focus your most luxuriant hydrators and moisturizers on the patches of your skin that become dry and flaky. Use gentle cleansers and exfoliators to avoid stripping already dry skin as you clear the oilier parts of your face. And, if you do use harsher products on your T-zone, make sure to follow up with a hydrator. 

Similar Skin Conditions

Personalize your skin care for different skin concerns that accompany a combination skin type:

  • We have recommendations for handling dry and flaky skin that can be useful on dry or combination skin.
  • Whether it’s just your T-zone or your entire face, ease the struggles of oily skin with a skin care routine that clears excess oils and unclogs pores.
  • Both dry and oily skin types can struggle with acne. Minimize acne and the resulting blemishes with care specifically designed to help clear your skin.