skin concerns

dryness and flakiness
how to fix dry, flaky skin on your face
From soothing dry, flaky skin on your forehead to softening a scaly feeling on your cheeks, skoah facial shop skin care trainers can soothe and rejuvenate your skin with hydrating skin care products and our moisture-rich facials.
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oily skin
how to personalize skin care for oily skin
Greasy, oily skin often frustrates those who struggle with it. When even a shower doesn’t leave you feeling clean or refreshed, it’s time to seek help from the professional skin care trainers at skoah facial shops.
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combination skin care
your intro to combination skin care and skin needs
Some people have dry skin, some have oily skin – some people have both! More common than not, if you’ve ever struggled with patches of dry skin and oily skin simultaneously, you might have combination skin.
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acne and blemishes
how to deal with acne and blemishes on your skin
Acne is a natural part of life, but you may prefer to mitigate breakouts where you can. Regardless of gender or age, blemishes can be difficult to treat and prevent, but you don’t have to handle them alone.
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aging skin and wrinkles
how to minimize wrinkles and signs of aging
As we age, our skin starts to show our years. Mature skin is beautiful – but it may also be defined by the introduction of sagging skin, laugh lines, crow’s feet, hyperpigmented spots and more.
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dullness and pigmentation concerns
how to brighten skin and address hypo- and hyperpigmentation issues
It’s often tough to deal with rough and dull or discolored skin. While there are many natural causes for dullness and pigmentation problems, you can work towards evening your skin tone.
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firmness and texture
how to address uneven skin texture and sagging
Whether from aging, hormone changes or pure genetics, sagging skin and a bumpy skin texture often come naturally. Even though it’s natural for your skin to change, damage and lack of care can make things worse.
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clogged pores treatments
how to clear pores with the skoah facial shop professionals
Clean your pores and keep them clear with help from skoah facial shop skin care trainers. We perform extractions and soothe skin to clear your pores of debris.
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redness and sensitivity
how to care for red, sensitive and reactive skin
Painful, reactive skin requires a routine that minimizes discomfort and prevents irritation and redness. Soothe red or splotchy skin on your face and ease sensitivity with care from your local skoah facial shop.
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