the skoah facial shop franchise story

how a beloved Canadian brand is poised to become America’s brightest skin care franchise

Walking into a skoah facial shop for the first time, you might be struck with the feeling that there is absolutely nothing like it.

That’s because the skoah facial shop brand is the first of its kind. Founded by Andrea Mundie and Chris Scott in 2001 in Vancouver, Canada, skoah facial shop was born out of the understanding that skin care is as personal as it gets.

As a teenager, Andrea suffered from skin issues. At the time, the lack of education on products led to poor results that in turn led to anxiety and low self-esteem. Andrea sought to develop a skin care line that lived up to its promises.

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“I had really terrible skin when I was younger,” Andrea says. “I went to a dermatologist, and I was given a product that actually took layers off of my skin. When I look back, all I needed was some really good advice. I had no idea what I was doing — I was using really harsh products to basically burn off blemishes. I knew nothing about sun damage, and I think a lot of people my age and younger have the same experience. So the fact that skoah can offer products that can help people feel better about themselves, that offer real results, is a huge achievement not only for us, but for the entire industry.”

She noticed that while many other industries were focusing on becoming more specialized and more consumer-friendly, the spa industry remained stuck in the past. Andrea visited dozens of spas to find out exactly how to improve the spa experience, which was often too expensive, intimidating, and full of cliché, new age tropes and decor that didn’t make her want to ever return.

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“Because we weren’t spa people, we had a tremendous advantage in that we could look at the spa experience from a consumer perspective,” Andrea says. “There was so much that needed to change. Spas were much too expensive. Typically, people would go on their birthdays, and that’s it. You would have to save up and take a day off of work in order to treat yourself to an experience where the quality would be completely up in the air. The same went for skin care. Skin care products are intimidating, at spas and in department stores. There is so much available, and the average consumer has no access to the education they need to make a purchase that will benefit them. We sought to change that by founding skoah.”

a revolutionary skin care franchise is born

The fact that Andrea wasn’t a spa person allowed her to create a completely unique experience for her customers. In fact, since the opening of the very first location in 2001, there is still nothing like a skoah facial shop on the market today.

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skoah facial shop created a membership model that allows customers to come in for a facial at their convenience — on their lunch break or on their way home from work — for an affordable price. skoah facial shop also recognized the power of education and created the platform of personal training for your skin. Gyms have personal trainers create workouts specifically tailored to produce results for individual gym members and skoah facial shop estheticians are skin care personal trainers. They guide customers month by month, year by year, from weddings to vacations and beyond, to ensure that every customer has the skin care regimen and the products that will work best for them.

Andrea and Chris worked with a chemist to create one of the most effective skin care product lines in the entire industry. The skin care trainers use the line of skoah facial shop products to help their members get the results they’re after when they look in the mirror.

franworth is bringing skoah facial shop to the united states

Seeing the revolutionary, game-changing nature of the brand, the strength of a business model based on multiple, recurring revenue streams, and the ability to disrupt an $18+ billion industry, the leadership team at Franworth bought the rights to grow the brand in the United States.

With over 500 years of franchising experience, including opening over 115 Lash Lounge salons in the past three years, the Franworth team has a proven track record of taking great brands to the next level and helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

With a few locations open, skoah facial shop is just beginning to take off. Now the brand is actively seeking entrepreneurs who are passionate about skin care and helping their communities get the skoah facial shop glow one face at a time.

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“We’re so excited about the growth potential of skoah facial shop,” says Christina Chambers, CDO of Franworth. “We’ve had an enormous amount of success with The Lash Lounge, and while that is a great brand, we think skoah facial shops can be even bigger. From a business perspective, skoah facial shops make a lot of sense. It has a membership-based business model, multiple recurring revenue streams, and very little competition. We’re ready to grow fast with the right entrepreneurs, as we think this brand is truly a worthy investment.”

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