skoah facial shop franchise reviews

our owners speak out about what they love about their facial shop franchise

skoah facial shop franchise is an incredible business to own, but don’t take our word for it!

We want to introduce you to Shawn and Crickett Madden, our franchise owners, based in Franklin, Tennessee.

The married couple invested in skoah facial shop because of their daughter, who expressed interest in becoming an esthetician. With Crickett’s background in the service industry, Shawn’s experience with business ownership, and their daughter working as an esthetician in the shop, the Maddens own a true family business.

Cricket manages the day-to-day operations, while Shawn plays a supporting role in the background, managing the books. Their daughter works as a personal skin care trainer, alongside a highly experienced staff, and performs the facials that gives their customers the famous skoah glow-ahh!

After opening in 2021, the Maddens have built a thriving business with a growing membership base and a stellar reputation in the community.

“Owning this business is so rewarding for us,” Cricket says. “There was nothing like skoah facial shop in Franklin before we opened, and so we’re serving our community with something that they really need, which is a personalized approach to skin care. We’re helping people think about skin care in the same way that they think about eating healthy and exercising. You need to be taking action every day.”

The couple is already looking for another location and plans to open three in the Nashville area in the coming years.

“Watching my wife step up and be a great leader has been incredible for me to watch,” Shawn says. “We’re so excited about the growth potential of this business. The model is so scalable. We would love to expand throughout the whole Nashville market, which is probably five to seven locations. And depending on what markets are still available after that, we would explore investing in multiple markets, if the opportunity presented itself.”

Want to meet Shawn and Cricket and have a peek inside their business? Click on the video below to hear their story and see what makes their business so special.

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