skoah facial shop franchise FAQS

answers to common questions about the fast-growing facial shop franchise opportunity

What is a skoah facial shop franchise?

skoah facial shop is a first-to-market, facials-only franchise that is poised to revolutionize the $18 billion American skin care industry. Wildly popular in Canada for over two decades, skoah facial shop has grown to become what Vogue magazine calls “the coolest skin care line in Canada.” Now, skoah facial shop is ready to rapidly expand across the United States. With a membership-based model that generates recurring revenue, an award-winning product line that truly works, and world-class support from a leadership team with over 500 years of experience in franchising, now is the time to invest in a skoah facial shop franchise! Click here to fill out our form and start a conversation.

How much does it cost?

New franchisees buying their first franchise can expect an initial investment of $322,427 to $537,260. This estimate is for a single skoah facial shop and includes the franchise fees and three months of estimated start-up costs and operating expenses. Actual costs will vary depending on the geographic location, the final size of the shop, and a variety of other factors.

Do you offer financing?

While we don’t offer direct access to financing, skoah facial shop works with a variety of industry experts in financing and SBA Loans and 401K rollovers. Don’t be deterred—if you meet the minimum financial requirements for access to $150,000 in operating capital and a net worth of $500,000, business ownership is within reach.

What is the net worth requirement?

​​To franchise with skoah facial shops, a candidate needs a minimum of $150,000 liquid capital and a net worth of $500,000. We work with our candidates to assist with funding options, 401K rollovers and SBA loans.

What is the royalty fee?

The ongoing royalty fee is 6% of gross sales.

What kind of experience do I need to open a skoah facial shop franchise?

None! skoah facial shop requires no previous experience in either the spa, health and wellness or service industries to franchise with us, only the desire to follow our proven business model and a passion for great customer service and creating a great working environment.

What kind of training does skoah facial shop provide?

Our executive team is passionate about training our franchisees with all the systems they need for success. New franchisees attend a weeklong training session where we cover every aspect of your new business, including how to hire estheticians, membership and product sales, marketing support, how to manage inventory, and the creation of a business plan. We will also be there to launch your skoah facial shop – in person – training your staff and your managers to make your shop its very best.

I’ve never marketed a business before, does skoah facial shop provide assistance?

skoah facial shop helps with both national and local marketing. Your marketing fees go to support the national efforts to drive sales and awareness, primarily in the digital space. Your ad fund contribution will support the development of the brand including website support, national SEO, collateral development and ongoing brand awareness.We also support you with local marketing playbooks to provide the direction that you need to succeed in your market.

I’ve never built a store before, does skoah facial shop help?

Yes! We’ve got this together. Our team has opened over 100 salons in the beauty industry, and we will guide you through all phases of the site selection, lease negotiation, construction, training, grand opening, and ongoing processes for marketing and operations.

How do I find premier locations for my new store?

Our real estate team will work with you on every step, identifying, examining, and assisting with lease negotiations. We use the latest technology and mapping software to review key data, demographics, and consumer purchase behavior in helping you select your location.

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