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skoah facial shop franchise is one of the most affordable concepts in the skin care category

skoah facial shop is one of the most exciting brands to hit the skin care category in a long time. By focusing solely on facials, skoah facial shop is bringing the high-end spa experience directly to main street.

Our brand is focused on making skincare accessible, affordable, and an obtainable part of daily life – and to do that, we’re focused on making business ownership affordable to savvy entrepreneurs who share our passion, our values, and our drive to succeed.

skoah facial shop

This commitment is reflected in our investment costs. New franchisees buying their first franchise can expect an initial investment of $403,292 to $561,763, which makes skoah facial shop franchise one of the most affordable concepts in the skin care category. The initial investment includes the cost of buildout, grand opening expenses, marketing efforts, and three months of working capital to ensure that your business is able to get off on the right foot.

“When you compare skoah facial shops to the rest of the industry, we’re a much more affordable investment,” says Christina Chambers, Chief Development Officer. “There are some wellness brands that are literally twice the cost to open up. We wanted to lower the barriers to entry so that we could attract the right entrepreneurs into our system and grow with the right people. We’re on the SBA registry, and we have lenders lined up who are willing to loan for this. So you know, if someone comes in with $150,000 capital to spend, they can open up a skoah facial shop.”

do you offer financing?

While we don’t offer direct access to financing, skoah facial shop works with a variety of industry experts in financing and SBA Loans and 401K rollovers. Don’t be deterred—if you meet the minimum financial requirements for access to $150,000 in operating capital and a net worth of $500,000, business ownership is within reach.

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