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our membership-based business model offers multiple recurring revenue streams

If you’re looking for a compelling business opportunity that’s capable of long-term growth and unlimited profit-potential, skoah facial shop should be at the top of your list.

The reason is simple: no other concept in the spa industry offers the same competitive advantages as skoah facial shop. While new to the United States, skoah facial shop has spent the last 20+ years proving our business model in Canada, where our brand has helped dozens of entrepreneurs own thriving businesses.

The key differentiator is our membership plan. Our customers can buy monthly memberships, which gives them access to one facial a month, preferred pricing on every additional service, a personalized skin care plan to follow, and discounts on our award-winning product line. This monthly membership means that our franchise owners get to count on revenue coming in every month—and the more members they sign up, the more profitable their business becomes.

“A membership model is rare to find in a franchise opportunity,” says Christina Chambers, Chief Development Officer. “Obviously, gyms offer memberships, but outside of that industry, it isn’t common. However, the advantages are enormous. Our franchise owners have recurring revenue that they can count on every month. This makes their business stronger, because it allows them to focus on growing their business.”

a strong product line offers a substantial additional revenue stream

In addition to having a membership model, skoah facial shop also has a proprietary product line of skin care items that is well over 50 SKUs. This is significant because it is right in line with our menu of facials, and our educational approach to skin care.

skoah facial shop stands out in the spa industry because we pioneered a concept called “personal training for your skin.” Everyone has unique skin and therefore there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach to skin care routines. Our personal skin trainers build individualized skin care regimens that are rooted in our products. This means that our customers come to us for their monthly facial, and they’re using skoah facial shop products everyday until they see us again.

Having the ability to sell products on top of the memberships is a strong way to deepen the connection with our customers, and it vastly increases the profit-potential for our franchise owners.

“We know from the shops in Canada that the product line can be a significant percentage of revenue,” Chambers says. “This is revenue that’s not tied to labor. The customers are buying the products after they get their service, simply because they love the products. The products are all natural botanicals, and you can’t get them anywhere else—and they really do work. It’s also another great draw into the business, and it makes the relationship with our monthly members really sticky. It’s a big win for our franchise owners, as they get to sell a product that they can believe in, while also increasing their own bottom line.”

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