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Skin issues are far more common, and far more impactful than we realize. Millions of people suffer from poor skin and the anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression that come with it.

The majority of Americans aren’t comfortable in their own skin. The New York Post published the results of a survey that dealt with skin issues, and reports that “57% of people have left work early, 50% of people have skipped work, and 47% have left school early,” because of issues with their skin.

Acne outbreaks during childhood cause a tremendous amount of trauma that people carry with them throughout their lives. According to the New York Post, “Forty-six percent of respondents experienced skin problems in their youth, and, of those, 81 percent admitted it still plagues their confidence today.”

Andrea Mundie, the founder of skoah, is one of these people, and it’s the reason why she decided to launch this brand. She knew the struggle of finding skin care products that work, that live up to their promises, and use all-natural ingredients, and she set out to start a brand that would change the game.

skoah franchise demand

“Having healthy skin is important no matter how old you are,” Andrea says. “Our customers very often come to us in times of emotional crisis because they have broken out, and the skin care product they are using isn’t doing what it says it will do. We’re different because we apply empathy to every situation, and by listening to our customers, we can forge a relationship based on trust that will win them as customers for life.”

a facials-only franchise meets a real need

Skoah facial shop is on a mission to become the best in the world at facials. By specializing in this one line of service, and using a product line that’s proven to be effective, we are able to deliver an experience that our customers cannot get anywhere else. Far from the cucumber masks that traditional spas offer as facials, skoah facial shop has created the concept of personal training for your skin.

skoah franchise demand

Because every customer is unique, with different anxieties, different needs, and different lifestyles, we treat our customers in much the same way that a personal trainer at a gym would treat a client — only we don’t make our clients break a sweat! We create a customized skin care program for every customer, complete with guidance from our estheticians and skin care products that will help our customers reach their desired results.

This personalized program changes along with our customers’ lives. If they go on vacation to a place with a dry climate, or if they have some crisis in their life that causes stress, we change the program.

skoah facial shop gives our customers the me-time they crave

While Americans are serious about their skin, they’re also serious about me-time. According to Statista, there are only a little over 21,000 spas in the United States, but those spas brought in over 173 million visitors in 2021. Even during the height of the pandemic in 2020, over 120 million people went to a spa.

Spas are costly and time-consuming, and the level of skin care that most spas offer is lacking in substance and personalization.

skoah facial shop is designed to give our customers the exact opposite experience. By offering 45-minute and 75-minute facials, we give our customers the opportunity to fit their me-time in when it works best for them. We’re also far more affordable than traditional spas, without sacrificing any of the high-end look and feel that customers expect.

“We’re taking Wall Street and putting it on Main Street,” says John Cohen, President of skoah facial shop. “Our stores are elegant, high-end and encourage a feeling of relaxation, comfort and warmth. By being so personalized in our service, we’re able to really cater to our customers’ needs, so that they can walk out feeling like their best selves. That’s our goal with every face that we see.”

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