skoah facial shop franchise is ready to change the skincare industry for good

chief development officer opens up about what makes the rising skincare franchise a worthy investment

People go to the gym every day, sometimes enlisting the help of personal trainers, to stay in shape and work out their biggest muscles. So why are the same standards not applied to taking care of the body’s largest organ, the skin?

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Well, at skoah facial shop, the revolutionary skin care franchise is trying to upend all that by driving home the importance of continual and effective treatment for skin.

“Part of what skoah facial shop has tried to do – and is doing very successfully – is training customers to think about their skin as being something to take care of on a routine basis,” says Christina Chambers, Chief Development Officer. “One of our taglines is ‘personal training for your skin.’ So just like you might go to a gym and work out with a trainer, skin care needs something similar.

Skoah facial shop is ready to take the skin care industry by storm, offering a gym-like membership model, which allows members to receive monthly facials, creating built-in recurring revenue for our franchisees.

In this interview, Chambers talks about how skoah facial shop is revolutionizing the skincare industry, who makes a successful franchise owner, and why now is the best time to invest.

what makes the skoah facial shop franchise unique?

The beauty industry is massive, projected to be about $737 billion by the year 2027, and skoah facial shops are focused on skincare only on the facial side of the market, which is actually the largest segment of the beauty industry here in the U.S. But what makes skoah facial shop unique is this perfectly integrated blend between service and products. It’s all about a very different experience for customers. It’s not like a luxury spa that’s inaccessible because of cost or having the time. Our services are not an all-day event. You come in for about 60 minutes, get a facial, and treat it as part of an ongoing wellness routine.

do you encourage that through memberships?

Our membership model is incredible, because it’s rare to find in franchising – really in any business, outside of the fitness industry. The model is very simple for customers to understand. Once someone comes in for their monthly membership facial, there’s an opportunity to make even increased revenue by offering some of our other products.

how does skoah facial shop provide a meaningful product for the community?

I would be remiss if I didn’t say there’s a great feel-good aspect of this business. We truly help people. It might be teenagers with acne, or it might be someone getting a little bit older who wants to deal with lines on their skin. Every day, we have customers come in, and leave happy. They get their “glow on”, which is what we love to say. I think in this day and age, for people looking to own a business, feeling good about what you do for work can be a huge draw.

what makes for a successful skoah facial shop franchise owner?

You’ve got to like people, you’ve got to like to serve people, and be part of the community. Anyone who loves being part of their community is going to love this business and find success. And really, you don’t have to have beauty industry experience. What you do need is a passion for the values and the mission of skoah facial shop. It really is all about making people feel good. We like to say making people feel good from the skin in.

how big can this brand get?

There is no doubt skoah facial shop will be a leader in the U.S. beauty franchise world. With our business model, we have an amazing, amazing opportunity for huge growth. And we have all the markers to show that this brand is going to blow up, and that’s our goal.

why is now the right time to invest in a skoah facial shop franchise?

The beauty market is not going away anytime soon. Right now, it’s a $500 billion revenue market that’s projected to increase to $737 billion by 2027 – that’s just five years from now! And of that amount, the skincare segment is the largest. skoah facial shop serves a niche market with facials, and we’re finding it’s not just women who want to take care of their skin, it’s also men. So for franchise owners, you’ve got an opportunity for a business that attracts both genders, which obviously increases your population for customers, with employees that are not that hard to find who want to work in this type of business. On top of that, skoah facial shop’s membership model creates recurring revenue and wide open prime territories. For so many reasons, now is really the perfect time to take a look at skoah facial shop.

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