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Running a business with your significant other can be a lot of things – fun, crazy, a whirlwind. But, at the end of the day, building a life with the person you love most offers one of the most rewarding experiences ever.

Shawn and Cricket Madden, who opened a skoah franchise in Franklin, Tennessee in 2021, can surely attest.

“It’s been a lot of fun for me to see Cricket grow through this process,” Shawn said. “I know she’s smart and capable, and seeing her really step up and be the strong leader I knew she could be is incredible.”

For Cricket, she’s just amazed at how each person in the relationship has found their role in the business.

“I typically do the day-to-day work, and he’s always working in the background,” she said. “Shawn is amazing with numbers, so if I have a problem I can’t figure out, I just send it to him and he takes care of it. He’s my little worker bee.”

Skoah facial shop is a revolutionary skin care franchise that’s a perfect investment for couples looking to go into business together. In this wide-ranging interview, Shawn and Cricket talk about their hopes for running a business together, why couples should explore business ownership, and what sets skoah facial shop apart in the booming skin care industry.

what’s been most rewarding so far running a business?

I’m most proud of the team we put together. There are so many businesses – restaurants, hotels, etc. – that can’t keep their staff, and we don’t have that problem. We still have our core team since we’ve opened, and just seeing them grow every single day, I love it.

what do you think skoah provides to the community?

We’re here to help people have a better lifestyle. Taking care of your skin can be challenging. You know, there are a lot of medical spas around that offer more invasive treatments, but we’re more about changing your lifestyle. It’s akin to just eating healthy or exercising regularly, you know? If you take care of your skin on a regular basis, then you don’t need more invasive treatments.

what sets skoah apart in the skin care industry?

You’re not going to walk in here and be treated with products that you can buy off of the shelves, because it’s all proprietary. Our services are accessible and affordable, so it becomes a routine for our customers who want to take care of their skin better.

and everyone gets a personalized specialist, right?

Absolutely. You’ve got a personal trainer for your skin who actually knows what they’re talking about. And it’s not just what they’ve heard in marketing; they’ve actually been trained to understand how you can positively impact your skin. They have the expertise to be able to look at your skin and see issues and areas of improvement, and also discuss what your goals are, what you’re experiencing and make recommendations to give you the best treatment possible.

and you even offer a membership?

Our membership model is amazing, and it does make all of the facials more affordable. It covers the power facial each month, and if they sign up, it locks in member pricing for all of the other facials we offer. But it’s still affordable for a walk-in. We have a ton of clients who are absolutely willing to come in and pay the walk-in price, because it’s just still really affordable.

so what are your hopes as a couple owning this business together?

My hope for us as a couple is to open three locations. But we’re not looking to get rich off of this; that was never our dream. Our dream is to help other people grow and become better off than when we found them.

is there a particular reason why skoah is a great investment for couples?

It’s just really fun to do this with the person you love. And to also face those challenges together. Typically in our careers, we’ve been at separate places with separate challenges, and you come home and talk about those challenges. But when you’re running a business together, it forces you together to solve problems in a new way.

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skoah facial shop is ready to change the way Americans think about skin care. As a first-to-market, facials only franchise, skoah facial shop is making skin care what it always should have been: personal, accessible, affordable, and essential.

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