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president of the rising skincare franchise opens up about the brand’s many advantages

Memberships are one of the most powerful tools in business, building community, opening recurring revenue streams, and providing predictive income. Yet it’s not all that common in the franchise world – in steps, skoah facial shop.

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skoah facial shop is a one-of-a-kind U.S. based franchise system that focuses on facials and skincare. It’s also a fantastic entry point for getting into franchising featuring community marketing memberships that help grow your business.

“The wonderful thing about skoah facial shop is it’s membership based,” says John Cohen, president of skoah facial shop. “As you grow members, everything grows with it. You have constant revenue coming in every month that you can count on. In franchising, that is indispensable.”

In this interview, Cohen talks about all the advantages of a membership-based model, why customers love skoah facial shop, the benefits of becoming an early adopter, and why skoah facial shop is poised for unprecedented growth in the U.S. in the coming years.

What are some of the advantages of the membership-based model as a business owner?

For franchisees, a membership model allows you to have a steady income each month. You know that starting on January 1 or February 1, you’re going to have X amount of dollars coming in. And, as you grow that membership count, you will also grow your revenue. Memberships add a huge revenue stream that typical franchisors don’t have.

For the consumer, does the membership model have any benefits?

Just like going to the gym regularly or making sure you eat right, we need to be taking care of our skin on a more regular basis. It’s important to take care of our skin – the largest organ in our body – and make sure you are giving it the right treatments. With a membership model, you are more incentivized to treat your skin right, which makes you feel better as a whole and drives the importance of our services and products.

Why do customers love skoah facial shop?

One of the wonderful things about skoah facial shop is when the customer is finished with their facial, our skincare trainers take them through our product line and customize a plan that’s going to work for them and explain in simple terms when they should apply the products. By getting it right, you’re building brand loyalty, because the customer is using the product and having great results. That’s why they keep coming back.

And the products are all proprietary, right?

Yes, all our products are proprietary, which means the skoah facial and our line of products can’t be found anywhere else. Just like when you get on a diet that’s working, you stick to it – the same idea applies to skincare. If it’s working, you’re going to keep coming back to us.

Do you also accept walk-ins?

Of course! We love walk-ins, and we make sure that we’re in locations that are easy and accessible. So, if you’re taking your kids to karate class or a tutoring session, you can come in and have a nice relaxing time getting a facial, and before you have to pick your kid back up.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, what’s the advantage of being an early adopter?

Some of the advantages of getting in early are being able to pick your territory and having the opportunity to bring this brand to a location you are passionate about. A lot of the other brands in the beauty segment are sold out. Getting in now, as we’re poised to break out, means you get to grow this brand with us.

But franchise owners still have access to a ton of support, correct?

Oh yes. skoah facial shop is owned by Franworth, which has more than 550 years of combined franchise experience. Our focus is growing local franchisees, because without their success, there’s no success for the franchisor. We’re in this together. We provide both operations and marketing support. We are your coach, we assist you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to achieve your goals in your shop. And you’re going to have a dedicated franchise business manager who’s going to inspire you on a regular basis.

What is the growth potential for skoah facial shop in the U.S.?

We have such incredible potential right now for growth. We are building this brand into something special, and to be honest, this industry is ready for disruption. We are on the precipice of something that is just going to take off. We are the differentiator in this model because of our products, our experience with customers, and the franchisees we’re looking for. This is a brand that’s ready to take the industry by storm.

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