Here are some frequently asked questions about skoah and our facial services to get your started.

Every Monthly Membership payment is equal to one power facial at member price, but you can accumulate your balance to upgrade to a pro peel, xtreme peel, or facialiscious facial, or any ‘feature facials’ when applicable. Your balance will not expire on a Monthly Membership, and instead accumulates if it’s not used.

Your balance is updated at the time of your payment (monthly), and becomes skoah facial dollars for you to use on facials at your preferred member pricing.

Your membership is a part of your individual profile with us along with all of your skincare history. Only you have access to that balance; however, a perk of being a member is that you can share your 10% product discount with any friend you bring in with you for a skoah facial.

Have no fear! See below:

Members with accounts in good standing enjoy the member product discount of 10% at any time during their membership term. Last minute cancellations without 24 hours notice will result in 50% of the facial price being deducted from the membership balance. Purchase or use of a membership constitutes acceptance of the terms and condition of the skoah Facial Shop Membership program. Memberships are non-refundable, non-transferable, not redeemable for products, and cannot be used or combined with other promotions or offers.

Monthly member facial pricing*:

power [ $75 ]
facialiscious [ $110 ]
pro peel [ $110 ]
xtreme peel [ $130 ]
smooth [ $40 ] extract [ $40 ]

The initial membership term is three months. Your facial balance will be updated at the time of each monthly payment. After 3 payments your memberships may be terminated at any point by completing a membership cancellation form at your local facial shop, at which point all membership perks will no longer apply to facials and product purchases. Any unused facial dollars will still be available to use afterwards towards facials at non-member pricing.

*membership prices may vary and are subject to facial shop location*applicable taxes may be added.

To reserve your spot, we do require a credit card to accommodate for our cancellation policy. You will not be charged for your service prior to your appointment. At the time of your appointment you may pay for your service via credit card or any other accepted method. Please provide 24 hours of notice to change or cancel your appointment, otherwise this will result in a 50% charge of your service fee.

If you have a membership and are booking online, your membership discount will be applied at your appointment.

Since we do not actually take payment until your appointment, you do not have to enter any code or gift card number online to book your appointment. Please book the regular priced facial you’d like to enjoy and bring your certificate or gift card to your appointment; we’ll take care of the rest!

Professional exfoliation removes the outer, dead layers of the epidermis. This improves the texture of the skin, helps fade hyperpigmentation, reduces the signs of aging, brightens the skin, helps reduce the appearance of scarring and gives a super smooth finish. It also helps decongest pores.

We recommend about once every 3 months. In between skoah peels you should have either a power facial or a facialiscious facial to maintain clear, smooth skin, continue regular exfoliation and monitor skin conditions. Doing peels more often does not net better results. Instead, it can increase sensitivity, cause peeling and irritation and make skin feel hard (due to keratinization – skin hardens to protect itself).

Skin can become over sensitized. As such, it is nott recommended for guests who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or those with sensitive or broken skin nor users of retin A (including accutane). Facial waxing should NOT be performed a few days prior nor a few days after a peel.