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At skoah facial shop xtreme facial™ resurfaces your skin, fighting the signs of damage, skin fatigue, and aging. Containing a strong glycolic acid, this treatment offers powerful exfoliation. It peels away dead and damaged layers of skin at a deeper level to get to the healthier skin below. Our professional skin care trainers have all the training necessary to administer this powerful treatment safely and soothe your skin afterward.

Deeply exfoliate skin impurities with an xtreme peel. Find a skoah location today.

What to look forward to from a chemical peel facial

A chemical peel facial uses a safe chemical solution to provide intensive exfoliating treatment. It goes deeper than non-chemical exfoliation treatments to remove layers of skin and damage at once.

The xtreme peel is ideal for facial lovers who have had a chemical peel before and want to step into an intermediate-level peel. During a pre-appointment consultation, our skin care trainers help you decide when an xtreme peel is right for you. We ask about your lifestyle, inspect your skin, answer your concerns, and make a recommendation for your service.

In just 45 minutes, our skin care trainers help you get your glow™ with this pore-cleansing facial that eases away damaged skin to make way for the fresher, younger-looking layers beneath. A mixture of powerful glycolic acid, massage, and soothing pre- and post-peel products leaves skin softer, smoother, and healthier than before.

Paired with extractions, the xtreme peel unclogs pores before removing entire layers of dead skin. You may experience tingling or slight burning during or after the peel. This normal reaction is soothed with hydrating products and protection from UV rays. The stronger acid peel leaves your skin very sensitive to light, making SPF lotion and other sun protection critical after this facial.

Chemical peel facial room

xtreme peel facial products

During an xtreme peel, in addition to using a strong glycolic acid peel (30%), your trainer will select additional products that your skin needs. Products include:

  • Cleanser. We begin by removing lip and eye makeup and cleansing the face, removing excess oils and hydrating skin.
  • Toner. Throughout the facial, your skin care trainer uses toner several times to soothe skin while providing a refreshing boost.
  • Extraction serum. If your skin isn’t too sensitive, we use a serum or cleansing balm to prepare your face for extractions. Our professionals assess your skin during our facial to decide if extractions will lead to over-irritation during the peel.
  • Hydradew mask. This soothing mask adds hydration back to give your skin that dewy glow.
  • 30% glycolic acid peel. This is our stronger glycolic acid peel. Bringing down the pH of your face removes more than one layer of dead skin to reveal softer skin beneath.
  • Neutralizer. Once the peel finishes working, our neutralizer dispels the effects to avoid further irritation. It also helps bring the pH of your skin back to normal.
  • Kalm down mask. We apply this soothing and calming mask to alleviate burning or irritation. We pair the refreshing mask with a light massage, focusing on the areas around your eyes and mouth.
  • Finishing products. Finally, your skin care trainer finishes your facial with products tailored to your skin type and concerns. An SPF lotion provides necessary UV protection for your now-photosensitive skin.
Woman after receiving glycolic acid peel treatment from Skoah®

xtreme peel vs. pro peel

At skoah, we offer two chemical peel facials: the pro peel™ and the xtreme peel. The xtreme peel is a stronger glycolic acid peel, designed to penetrate more deeply than the pro peel and address more severe damage or dullness. This facial isn’t for those new to chemical peels or people with sensitive skin.

Not only does the xtreme peel remove more layers than the single-layer pro peel does. It also comes with increased sensitivity to light, and you may need to take a longer break between sessions. It’s still considered a light chemical peel, so you can plan another session in two to five weeks, as suggested by the Mayo Clinic. Your skoah skin care trainers also help you choose how often to come based on your skin type and desired results.

The perfect facial treatment to minimize pores, exfoliate the skin, and more

A chemical peel addresses skin concerns like wrinkles, scars, and dark facial spots. The xtreme peel addresses dullness or hyperpigmentation by removing dead or damaged skin that contributes to the issue. It can target clogged pores, especially if your facial includes extractions. Even dry skin may benefit from this high-percentage glycolic acid peel. Your skin care trainer will help you formulate an aftercare routine with soothing moisturizers.

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Enjoy more visible anti-aging results and a more even skin tone after this thoroughly exfoliating facial. Our skin care trainers ensure your chemical peel is applied safely, so it has the most significant effect with the least skin irritation. Find a skoah location near you and schedule your next peel.

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frequently asked questions

Both remove the outer layers of skin, but a chemical peel uses a chemical solution to exfoliate and shed dead skin. In contrast, microdermabrasion removes the outer layers of the dermis through suction.

No. When performed by a professional, a chemical peel shouldn’t hurt. Your skin may become irritated, and you may feel a slight burning sensation during the peel, but our skin care trainers apply soothing products to ease any discomfort. If you feel any pain during your procedure, let your esthetician know immediately.