the skoah smooth facial

Your next facial doesn’t need to be an all-day affair. We offer a variety of targeted facials designed to address your areas of concern while being conscious of your time. The skoah facial shop smooth™ facial and face massage for wrinkles is a quick facial that targets the natural signs of aging. It’s perfect for fitting in between errands or in the middle of a busy day.

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a fine lines treatment and smoothing facial

The skoah smooth facial eases the looks of fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and other signs of aging through a hyper-targeted treatment. We gently massage with a selection of anti-aging products to smooth and hydrate the skin while manually reducing the appearance of lines. Unlike our other facials for wrinkles, the smooth facial pinpoints signs of aging specifically, with no additional focus areas. This means your appointment is faster and completely focused on smoothing mature skin. Whether you’re showing premature signs of age or dealing with changes as you grow older, this is an excellent anti-aging facial treatment that doesn’t waste any time.

Our smooth facial takes just 20 minutes from start to finish. We recommend the smooth facial for clients who are new to skincare, are limited on time or need a pick-me-up between monthly power facials to maintain results and reach skincare goals faster.

Skoah® smooth™ facial treatment product

the targeted facial products we use

Because the smooth facial is a directed face massage for wrinkles and lines, the products we select for each facial are targeted to plump skin and make fine lines less visible. For example:

  • Cleanser. To start, we use a cleanser to remove impurities and excess skin oils from your face.
  • Toner. We renew your skin with toners before and after your facial massage. They prevent your skin from losing the reintroduced hydration.
  • Minty meltdown. This skoah specialty mask invigorates your skin, opens pores, and helps skin accept products.
  • Facial massage kream. This cream helps reduce signs of aging and eases the glide of your skin care trainer’s hands to make your facial massage comfortable.
  • Moisturizer. We seal in hydration and encourage a healthy glow with moisturizer. Your skin care trainer chooses your moisturizer based on your skin type.


Relaxed woman after facial massage and cleansing treatment

a low-pressure anti-aging eye treatment

Our hyper-focused smooth facial gets right to the point: the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, mouth, and lips. We use focused power moves to stimulate circulation in those areas, also massaging across your cheeks, jaw, and temples. As a facial for beginners or a treatment slotted into a busy schedule, this inexpensive facial is a low-commitment experience. Simply show up for a quick treatment that leaves you refreshed without taking over your day.

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Don’t fight your schedule to find time for your next facial. Take care of your skin with a smooth facial from skoah. Schedule your next appointment with the skoah location nearest you.

similar skoah facials

Improve the appearance of your skin with other efficient and targeted facials from skoah.

  • The extract™ facial also only takes 20 minutes and focuses on extractions to get your face feeling clean and clear.
  • If you have more time to spend on an anti-aging treatment, try our power™ facial for a longer wrinkle-smoothing massage and facial experience.

frequently asked questions 

Yes, a professional face massage can help regulate sebum production in those with oily or dry skin. Increased blood flow eases many of your body’s natural processes, including sebum production.

Yes. Stimulating blood flow and muscles in your face helps boost the production of collagen, a natural protein that makes up some of the structure of your skin. This leads to firmer skin, increased elasticity, and fewer or reduced wrinkles and lines.