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Revive your skin with a 45-minute skulpt & tone facial from skoah. Combining the Chinese massage art of gua sha and a jade face roller massage, our skulpt & tone facial stimulates circulation, tones facial contours and firms and lifts skin. Our technique encourages lymphatic drainage, making this the perfect facial massage to reduce puffiness across the face.

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what do facial sculpting and toning treatments do?

During a skulpt & tone facial, our skin care trainers employ a gua sha tool and jade facial roller to encourage your skin to be firmer and look vibrant. Using a personalized selection of the best facial firming products, our facial sculpting massage gently moves your face through massage and sculpting tools, stimulating circulation and muscles. A mid-facial neck and shoulder massage helps you to relax and melt away stress. Skin revitalization techniques improve glow and tone of skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, sagging and fine lines.

Skoah® facial sculpting and toning product

facial products used

At skoah, we use products from our proprietary skin care line to enhance the benefits of your skin training. We choose facial products to match your skin type.

With customization options, we tailor each step to you:

  • Cleanser. We initially use a cleanser to remove surface oils and impurities, priming your skin for your facial workout.
  • Toner. Your skin care trainer tones your skin throughout your facial to refresh your skin without removing moisture.
  • Minty meltdown. Our specialty exfoliating mask opens your pores and removes dead skin, allowing for products to penetrate better so they work more effectively.
  • Massage kream. During your neck and shoulder massage, massage kream eases the glide of your skin care trainer’s hands, adding hydration to your skin.
  • Facial mask. Your trainer analyzes your skin type to pick the best mask for you. We have treatments to add hydration, calm irritated skin, treat breakouts and produce a dewy glow.
  • Moisturizer. Once your gua sha and jade roller massages are complete, your trainer finishes the facial with eye and face moisturizers to support healthy skin and lock in moisture.
Happy woman with clear skin from facial product treatment

enjoy the benefits of gua sha facial and jade rolling

Gua sha tools and jade rollers stimulate circulation, reducing puffiness and inflammation, increasing skin elasticity and releasing toxins from your skin. Facial massages relieve tension in your neck and jaw while lifting and contouring your skin. Physically moving and manipulating skin and muscles invigorates the skin while improving its appearance. A jade facial roller and gua sha tools enhance our skin care trainers’ ability to lift and firm skin.

improve skin elasticity and reduce puffiness through facial toning

Choosing a skulpt & tone facial improves the firmness and texture of your skin. Whether it’s training sagging skin to be firmer or smoothing out wrinkles and other signs of aging, the skulpt & tone facial provides you with a refreshed appearance. It reduces puffiness, encourages lymphatic drainage and increases circulation for a healthier look and feel.

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Restore your skin with a skulpt & tone facial from skoah. Our professional skin care trainers are trained in the techniques required to improve your appearance through targeted facial exercise and massage. Find a location near you and fall in love with our skulpt & tone facial.

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  • Choose a luxurious experience and let us pamper you during the 75-minute facialiscious™ facial, complete with a head-to-toe massage.