refresh Hydrafacial

the refresh Hydrafacial

The refresh™ Hydrafacial is the perfect combination of a Hydrafacial™ and a skoah facial shops® massage, all completed in just 45 minutes! The refresh Hydrafacial is one of three Hydrafacial offerings available at skoah facial shops. Each of our Hydrafacials is designed to refresh and revitalize the skin through gentle exfoliation and targeted treatment delivery.

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how to hydrate facial skin fast with a Hydrafacial

A hydrating facial is a facial treatment designed to promote deep and lasting hydration in the skin. At skoah facial shops, we offer a variety of facials that can be customized to your skin care goals – including hydration.

Our Hydrafacial treatments (refresh, glow n’ go™ and hydraliscious™) employ patented Hydrafacial technology to gently exfoliate, stimulate and improve absorption in the skin. The Hydrafacial system, used in combination with our simply powerful skin care® products and highly skilled skin care trainers results in one of the best facials for plumping the skin.

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the refresh facial process

The refresh facial begins with your skin care trainer cleansing the skin and completing an eye and lip massage. Next, the Hydrafacial vortex-wand is used to gently exfoliate the skin and deliver targeted serums. Your refresh facial ends with a mask, massage and moisturizer. In total, the refresh facial is completed in 45 minutes.

the products used in a refresh facial

During your refresh Hydrafacial, your skincare trainer will use a variety of products, including:

  • cleanser. A skoah facial shops cleanser or cleanser-and-tonic combo will be used to prep clean the skin, removing surface-level impurities and prepping it for further skin care training.
  • targeted serums. A variety of products are employed to resurface the skin, improve the complexion, deliver deep hydration and spot-treat problem areas.
  • booster of your choice. In consultation with your skin care trainer, you’ll select a booster to complement your skin goals and treatment plan.
  • After completing the Hydrafacial portion of the treatment, we’ll soothe the skin with a complementary masking.
  • massage kream. Nearing the conclusion of your treatment, we’ll massage either your neck and shoulders or hands and arms. (Your choice!)
  • serum of your choice & eye kream. After your relaxing massage, we’ll apply a serum of your choice and eye kream.
  • To complete your treatment, we’ll apply either our dewlux face kream lite or face skotion 30.

the best facial for dewy skin

In combination with professional skin care training, Hydrafacials are some of the best facial treatments for plump and dewy skin. Hydrafacial technology is designed to promote exfoliation and absorption. The tool can be compared to a miniature vacuum. When used, it opens pores, removes impurities, and exfoliates the skin, which makes products like serums easier to absorb. Better absorption makes skin care training with Hydrafacial technology some of the best facials for refreshed, glowing skin.

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What makes a skoah facial shop Hydrafacial different? Skoah facial shop skin care trainers are experts in the art of skincare training! The Hydrafacial is just one tool our skin care trainers use to promote healthier, younger-looking skin. In combination with their knowledge of massage, facial training and product matching, our skin care trainers will help you to get your glow®!

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similar skoah facial shop facials

A refresh Hydrafacial is just one of three Hydrafacial-backed treatments available at your local skoah.

frequently asked questions

A hydrating facial is a facial treatment that is formulated to deliver deep, lasting hydration. Hydrating facials may be delivered manually or with the use of a machine.

How often will depend on your skin type, your skin care goals and how your skin responds to the treatment. Your skin care trainer will work with you to build the schedule that works best for your skin and recommend complementary treatments.

All skin types can benefit from a hydrating facial – yes, even those with oily skin! Hydrating facials can help to regulate the amount of oil released on the face, making the skin glow and reducing the occurrence of blemishes.

A hydrating facial is a facial primarily focused on hydrating the skin. Hydrating facials are ideal for all skin types. Whether your skin is dry or oily, it can benefit from soothing hydration. At skoah facial shops, we tailor our facials to your skin type and skin goals. Our refresh facial is customized to your skin’s exact needs.