power facial

the power facial from skoah

One of the best facial treatments for aging skin, skoah’s power™ facial smooths the marks of time from your skin. This 45-minute anti-aging facial targets your eyes and mouth to ease fine lines and wrinkles. This combination of our trademark facial massage with a cleansing facial treatment is designed to leave you looking refreshed.

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what to expect from the power facial

Arrive at your local skoah facial shop ready for a deep cleansing facial to rejuvenate your skin. The treatment targets signs of aging around the eyes and lips, smoothing lines and wrinkles.

More than a deep clean facial, each power facial comes with your choice of a tension-melting neck-and-shoulder massage or a soothing hand-and-arm massage.

Power facial products from Skoah®

our power facial products

skoah facial shop’s expert skin care trainers customize every power facial to match your skin’s exact needs. They select products to address your skin type and skin care goals. This tailored experience results in a completely custom facial. Unwind as our skin care trainers apply products that soothe, refresh, and leave you glowing.

  • Cleanser. We begin by removing eye and lip makeup and cleansing your skin in preparation for the rest of the treatment.
  • Toner. We tone multiple times during the power facial to refresh skin without drying it out.
  • Minty meltdown. Our signature mask makes the power facial unique while stimulating your skin for a revitalized feeling.
  • Moisture mask. We add moisture back into your skin to support a healthy glow.
  • Customized mask. Our skin care trainers will choose a product based on your skin needs.

the power facial massage

Skin care isn’t all about products – it’s also about targeted, deliberate processes that help train your skin. Our skin care trainers offer personal training for your skin®. Our processes are designed to work products in the right way while also providing mechanical reinforcement to boost the desired effect. Not only do we apply anti-aging products during your facial, but our power moves massage works to smooth away the signs of aging, including fine lines around your eyes and mouth.


Happy woman feeling results from facial skin care treatment

how the power facial massage addresses your skin concerns

During a power facial, the stimulating massage and our proprietary products combine into a facial that’s perfect for restoring life to aging skin. The massage soothes fine lines and wrinkles while our signature minty meltdown’s deep exfoliation provides a revitalizing boost. If you want to brighten dull skin or breathe life into skin that’s showing signs of age, the power facial is an ideal choice.

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Trust your glow to our skin care trainers during a satisfying power facial. We provide tailored, thoughtful care so you can walk out feeling refreshed. Find a location to experience a power facial for yourself.

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frequently asked questions

Yes! When we stimulate your muscles and blood flow, it helps train your skin to appear tighter and more youthful. It also boosts the production of collagen, a natural protein that gives your skin structure and elasticity.

Yes. Our power moves massage helps to reduce the most visible signs of aging by focusing on the area around the eyes. The eye massage encourages lymphatic draining, reducing the appearance of baggy or puffy eyes.