glow n’ go Hydrafacial

the glow n’ go™ Hydrafacial treatment

The skoah facial shop® glow n’ go™ facial revitalizes your skin, even when you have a tight time budget.

In tandem with our simply powerful skin care®, our skin care trainers use Hydrafacial techniques and tools to clear and purify. Though the glow n’ glow facial is quick, we still take the time to thoroughly give your face the love it needs.

Reap the benefits of gentle skin care that’s still powerful enough to rid your skin of impurities.

Get your glow® and get on with your day! Find a skoah facial shop location today.

glow n’ go: a facial for glowing skin

For glow n’ go, we’ve focused our Hydrafacial routine down to three essential steps: cleanse & peel, extract and rejuvenate.

First, your skoah skin care trainer will focus on removing surface-level impurities. We use this time to cleanse your skin to maximize the therapeutic effect of our other treatments. We make sure to clear away dead skin, excess oil, makeup and any other barriers that could prevent you from receiving the full benefits of your facial.

Once your skin is clear of impurities, your skin care trainer will move on to quick, targeted extractions. We use a gentle exfoliator to clear your pores, not manual extractions that could irritate sensitive skin.

Finally, we round out your glow n’ go facial with a mixture of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and specially chosen treatments that help you work towards your skin care goals. Your skin care trainer will take your skin type and any concerns into account to choose the ideal serums, creams and lotions to have you glowing by the time your 20-minute facial is over.

skoah facials product on shelves

purifying facial products

We infuse all our facials with our signature products. Here’s what we use – in tandem with Hydrafacial technology – to get your skin looking its best:

  • cleanser. We start with a cleansing lotion or gel-and-tonic combo to wipe away makeup, sweat, excess oil, dry skin and the stresses of your day.
  • deep cleanser. We use a cleanser and the Hydrafacial machine to smooth and soften skin, remove impurities and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • AHAs and BHAs. Next, we rejuvenate and resurface your skin with this blend of glycolic and salicylic acid.
  • We enhance your natural glow once your skin is clear using this blend of Tasmannia extract and willow bark. The solution gently exfoliates your skin.
  • skin protectant. A botanical blend of antioxidants and hydrating hyaluronic acid that forms a protective barrier against environmental factors.
  • serum of your choice. Our skin care trainer will work with you to choose a skoah serum targeted to your skin care goals.
  • eye kandy kream. This skoah cream reduces signs of aging around your eyes – including puffiness, discoloration and dark circles – for a brighter, more youthful look.
  • dewlux face kream lite 30 or face skotion 30. Top off your visit with luxurious skoah moisture and SPF 30 sun protection. We choose the treatment that best matches your skin care goals to wrap up the perfect condensed facial.

pare your visit down to the Hydrafacial essentials

Purify your skin in fewer steps than ever. The glow n’ go facial gives your skin a boost of hydration and a targeted pore treatment that skips all the extras to get the core of what your skin needs.

When you don’t have time to spend on longer facials, this 20-minute treat is a great way to keep up with your skin care goals and ensure you don’t skimp on your routine.

Hydrafacial benefits for you to enjoy

We enhance our regular gentle exfoliation with the exceptional technology of the Hydrafacial tool. This wand lets our skin care trainers reduce the appearance of blemishes, minimize wrinkles, apply targeted serums and hydrate your skin where it needs it the most.

It also helps us apply our favorite skoah facial shop products to their best effect during your soothing facial massage, providing ultimate hydration during your treatments.

the best Hydrafacial near me (in less time!)

Cleanse your skin, target clogged pores and tailor your treatment for hydration and more, all in one short Hydrafacial session with the glow n’ go. Let our skin care trainers tailor your treatment just for you, so you can enjoy that undeniable post-facial glow. After you’re done, we can also recommend other facials you might enjoy and schedule your next monthly appointment.

Treat your skin now with a glow n’ go facial near you. Find a nearby skoah facial shop to schedule your appointment.

similar skoah facial shop facials

If you want to switch things up when you have more time, we have plenty of other facials to offer:

  • Have longer to spend on your facial routine? Go for the 45-minute refresh Hydrafacial™.
  • Let yourself truly luxuriate with the full, hydrating effect of the hydralicious™ Hydrafacial: 75 minutes of pampering.
  • The extract facial is perfect for minimizing acne, targeting the pores in your T-zone, in just 20 minutes.
  • Go back to the classic. The 45-minute power facial offers a range of benefits, customized just for you.

frequently asked questions

The Hydrafacial tool allows our skin care trainers to non-invasively resurface your skin, setting it apart from treatments like dermabrasion. Using the tool also provides a deep, hydrating effect that helps rejuvenate your skin. We use the Hydrafacial wand to apply our products – with their range of benefits – as well as special skoah products, not available for purchase, that offer additional benefits, from exfoliation to deep cleansing.

Yes! Our expert estheticians use the Hydrafacial wand with professional skill. With it, our skin care trainers can more precisely and gently target specific areas of your face during your facial. We use our expertise to recommend the best products for your skin type and apply serums and solutions exactly where they need to go to have the most effect.

Hydrafacials like the glow n’ go do provide some benefits that can minimize acne, though they don’t target acne specifically. The overall glow n’ go facial provides hydration to fight acne caused by dry skin. Meanwhile, targeted extractions portion of the treatment can reduce the likelihood of breakouts by clearing your pores.

Hydrafacial offers deep cleansing and removing impurities from the skin. When you add regular Hydrafacials from skoah facial shops to your routine, you experience healthier and happier skin.