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the skoah facialiscious facial

Why choose between a facial and a massage when you can benefit from both during a single appointment! Book the ultimate in facial indulgence – a skoah facial shop facialiscious™ experience – for your next appointment.

Designed to promote deep hydration and focused on relaxing massage techniques, our signature massage and facial offer an extended pampering session. Our face trainers will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Learn the meaning of luxury with simply powerful skin care®. Find a skoah facial shop location near you.

what to expect from your hydrating facial

At 75 minutes, the facialiscious facial is our longest, most extensive and luxurious treatment. We take our time to make sure we apply each of the many products and masks thoroughly, as we pamper your skin. We use our signature product line to restore your skin and leave you feeling refreshed.

Smooth wrinkles, add life to dull or dry skin, soothe irritation and more. The facialiscious soothing hydration facial revitalizes your skin before locking in the hydration with a moisturizer. Facialiscious hydrating facials add life back to your skin with every luxuriant treatment.

More than a facial, facialiscious also includes leg-and-foot, arm-and-hand, and neck-and-shoulder massages designed to make you melt. Expect to receive full-body attention, even as we focus on your face.

Hydrating facial products from Skoah®

a complete facial treatment

During a facialiscious treatment, your skin care trainer will thoroughly address your overall skin health, customizing products and techniques to meet your skin care concerns. You can expect your skin care trainer to use:

  • Cleanser. We start your facialiscious facial by removing eye and lip makeup, then cleansing your face. This helps prepare you for later products while removing impurities from your skin.
  • Toner. Our skin care trainers uses toners throughout the facial. They hydrate your skin while helping it stay fresh, so you don’t feel bogged down by products.
  • Minty meltdown. We revitalize your skin with our signature mask, designed to refresh your face and open your pores.
  • Extraction preparation. We further clear your pores by performing extractions to rid them of impurities.
  • Masks. We tailor our masks to your needs. Your skin care trainer will apply multiple products based on your skin type and what we observe during your facial.
  • Finishing products. We choose the best products to complement your masks and to seal in moisture. This usually includes a serum, alongside eye and face moisturizers.
Skin care massage and facial treatment from Skoah®

savor the delight of a luxury facial

After a facialiscious facial, we want you to leave feeling relaxed and revitalized. The extra-long massage makes facialiscious stand out amongst other facials and salons. For optimum relaxation, our skin care trainers will massage you from head to toe. While the massage relaxes tense muscles, your facial products will hydrate dry skin, making it supple while promoting water retention.

a customized facial treatment to meet your skin’s needs

facialiscious may be THE signature skoah facial, but we’ll customize it just for you. An experienced skin care trainer will choose products to match your skin type and combat specific areas of concern.

Customizing your treatment allows us to devote attention to a range of skin care issues, from acne and blemishes to aging or dull skin. During your consultation, your skin care trainer will ask you about your skin and skin concerns. We’ll match your concerns to products that combat dryness, oiliness, rough textures and more.

After your treatment, your skin care trainer provides insights into at-home routines and future facial recommendations.

find a massage and facial near me

Don’t wait to experience the ultimate in relaxing and revitalizing treatments. Choose a facialiscious facial to feel hydrated and recharged. Begin your customized facial treatment when you find a skoah facial shop location near you.

similar skoah facial shop facials

Two faster, more targeted facials are ideal for addressing specific concerns or for busy days. Try a skulpt & tone™ or smooth™ facial at your next appointment.

  • Let the skulpt & tone facial treatment and roller massage soothe inflammation and encourage draining to calm puffy skin.
  • Come in for a quick, refreshing facial without taking up too much of your day by choosing our smooth facial for a relaxing treatment that only takes 20 minutes.

frequently asked questions

When we hydrate your skin, we’re adding water to it. When we moisturize, we’re adding oil. Hydrators are always added first, while moisturizers go on last to lock in water. If we add a hydrator on top of the moisturizer, the product won’t penetrate through the oil and will instead sit on top without any benefit to your skin.

Even though most of our focus is on your face, we added a body massage to your facialiscious facial to help you relax and de-stress. Stress contributes to multiple skin conditions, including wrinkles, dry skin, acne and more. We take away some of that stress to help your skin heal.