the skoah extract facial

Start clearing your skin with a skoah facial shop extract™ facial. We unclog pores and minimize facial blemishes with a focused, in-shop treatment that concentrates on extractions. It’s one of our best facials for pores and clearing congested skin because it’s a directed treatment without distractions and secondary goals. We are here to refresh your skin.

Experience simply powerful skincare® with this efficient treatment. Find a location near you.

what to expect from a pore extraction facial

During your appointment, a professional esthetician performs as many extractions as possible to clear impurities and remove facial blemishes. Getting extractions done can help avoid breakouts and clear skin congestion. Your skin care trainer focuses on areas that need the most attention, and they perform standard deep pore cleansing on your T-zone to clear areas that commonly become oily or clogged.

Skoah® aha mask pore extraction product

products we use for our extraction facial

We put the emphasis on extractions while caring for your skin with other products throughout the facial.

  • Cleanser. We begin your facial with a cleanser to remove topical oils and impurities. It prepares your skin for other products.
  • Toner. Your skin care trainer tones before and after your extractions. It refreshes skin, calms sebum production, and reduces breakouts.
  • Extraction product. Before extraction begins, our skin care trainers apply product to lubricate the skin and ease out sebum and other debris. We choose the product based on your skin type.
  • Kontrol serum. We may apply this serum after your deep pore cleansing to calm red or irritated skin.
  • Light moisturizer. To finish your facial, our skin care trainer seals hydration in with a moisturizer.
Face with Skoah® pore extraction and facial cleansing product

focus on extractions with a targeted congested skin facial

This 20-minute extract facial perfectly fits into your schedule, making it the best facial for clearing pores efficiently. Our fast facial has one goal: perform as many pore extractions as possible to clear up your skin. Acne-prone skin often benefits from the regular clearing of debris from facial pores. Less expensive than a longer facial, it’s the perfect quick pick-me-up for your skin. It’s a great option if you have a lot of congestion that you would like to target in between your regular monthly facial. Refresh your face with a treatment that centers on the essentials and leaves the extras for a longer facial.

find an extraction facial near me

Fit facials into your schedule instead of skipping them or planning around them. You can look forward to clearer skin after one session or make the extract facial a regular part of your skin care routine. Find a location near you to revitalize your skin with a low-commitment facial.

similar skoah facials

Whether you’re looking for different results or have more time to spend on skin care, join us for an array of treatments and facial styles.

  • For a different, short treatment, try our smooth™ facial to target signs of aging, especially fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.
  • Luxuriate in a cleansing facial with extractions when you choose our longest facial with our soothing trademark massage, facialiscious™.

frequently asked questions

Most people may receive an extract facial every four to six weeks. However, your skin care trainer may provide a recommendation to come in more frequently or between monthly facials based on the amount of congestion your skin has. If you have dry or sensitive skin, a longer gap may be recommended to reduce the chance of irritation.

No. When performed correctly, by a professional esthetician, facial extractions should not hurt. It is common for individuals to experience mild irritation, but our skin care trainers take care to use soothing products after extractions.