give yourself an at-home facial between appointments

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give yourself an at-home facial

Maintain your skin at home between appointments with your skin care trainer with a gentle at-home facial. In addition to your daily skin care routine, regular at-home facials help to maintain the progress made during monthly skin care training appointments, and they also serve as a time to relax and recover from a busy week. Learn how to give yourself a facial at home.

professional vs at-home facial

An at-home facial is a great way to rest, relax and reset, but it is no replacement for monthly appointments with your skin care trainer. At skoah facial shops®, our skin care trainers are experienced estheticians who can assess the skin, identify its needs and address concerns through targeted treatments.

Leave peels and extractions to the professionals. A DIY facial is an essential step in skin care maintenance. It should be gentle, rejuvenating and tailored to your skin’s needs.

how to give yourself a facial at home

An at-home facial will include three basic steps: cleansing, toning and masking. Some regimens will also include gentle exfoliation and even steam!

Before you get started, we recommend consulting your skoah skin care trainer. They can help you build a daily skin care regimen and a weekly or bi-weekly DIY facial routine.

The exact products recommended will vary by your skin type and areas of concern, but you can plan on the following:

  1. For those with oily skin or after a heavy makeup day, a double cleanse beginning with a cleansing balm, like our deep klean + moisturize balm is often recommended. Those with dry skin may opt for a soothing product, like our kleansing lotion.
  2. Toners are water-based products that are formulated to remove excess oil and nourish the skin. A well-matched formula will leave your skin feeling clean and a little bit tight. They are often fortified with plant extracts and helpful acids, like those found in our turbo tonik, to hydrate and refresh the skin.
  3. Using a chemical exfoliant (recommended for sensitive skin), like the aha skrub, or physical exfoliant, like our face skrub, gently massage and then rinse the skin. The goal of this step is to remove dead skin cells and revitalize the skin.
  4. During a professional facial, your skin care trainer will use a multi-mask approach. Multi-masking allows us to address multiple skin concerns in one session. It also allows us to hyper target problem areas and stack beneficial products. At home, a single mask, like our hydradew mask is ideal. Depending on your skin type and concerns, your skin care trainer may recommend a two-step masking process that begins with something like a decongesting charcoal mask and ends with a hydrating moisture induce mask.
  5. Applying a serum. Serums are concentrated products made with active ingredients that are designed to support your skin care goals. For example, our illuminate serum is designed to reduce the appearance of sun damage, scarring and melasma while brightening the skin. Serums should always be applied before moisturizing.
  6. Sealing in your products with a high-quality moisturizer, like those in our dewlux or skotion lines, helps to lock in moisture and rejuvenate the skin.

at-home facial tips

Before you make a date for your next DIY facial, consider these tips.

  • Make it an evening. Mask with your friends or partner—everyone can benefit from a little facial TLC.
  • Set the mood. Play fun or relaxing music, listen to an audiobook or podcast, dim the lights, or light a candle.
  • A fluffy robe and warm a warm towel go a long way toward making your bathroom feel like a spa.
  • After moisturizing, consider adding eye and lip care products to complete your routine.
  • Consider incorporating at-home facial exercises or gua sha into your routine.
  • For a simpler routine, focus on steps 1,2,3 and 6 as these are most critical to the health of your skin.

the best at-home facial products

The best at-home facial products are targeted, gentle and right for your skin type. At skoah facial shops, we take the guesswork out of choosing the right products for our clients by providing in-house consultations during your skin care training appointment. Throughout your session, we’re noting important observations about your skin. Before you leave, we’ll offer personalized recommendations for at-home products. We carry our proprietary skin care line at each location, meaning that you can stock up on-site with no trip to the store or online order required.

build your at-home facial routine

For help building your personalized, at-home facial routine, rely on your local skoah facial shop. Our skin care trainers are ready to help you Get your glow™. Contact the nearest skoah facial shop to schedule your appointment.