exercises for facial muscles – the benefits of a skin workout

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  • March 20th, 2023
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what is a skin care workout?

A skin care workout is a noninvasive technique for sculpting, toning and brightening the face. At skoah facial shops®, we combine all the most important features of a targeted workout, trademark massage and custom facial to improve the appearance of the skin.

do facial workouts work?

Yes, facial workouts can reduce the most noticeable signs of aging. As we get older, we often note a loss of elasticity in our skin, sagging, drooping or wrinkles. You may even notice a dulling in your complexion. A facial workout targets the signs of aging and helps you Get your glow™ from the inside out.

what are the benefits of facial massage and skin care workouts?

Professional facial massages and skin care workouts help to promote a healthy complexion and a youthful appearance by:

  • Encouraging blood flow
  • Releasing tension and relaxing facial muscles
  • Improving lymphatic drainage and reducing swelling
  • Training muscles to maintain their position

You can start your facial training program at any time—even before you see the visible signs of aging. The sooner you start your skincare workouts, the better.

facial sculpting and gua sha

Gua sha is just one technique used during our skulpt & tone™ facial. Gua sha is a technique used in traditional Chinese medicine. During the practice, a small piece of jade is used to apply gentle pressure in sweeping motions across a sore or knotted muscle.

On the face, gua sha may reduce swelling and improve circulation. In most instances, the gua sha stone applies gentle pressure as it moves out across the face from the nose. Gua sha is often used during a face contouring massage, encouraging muscles to lift and elevate the face.

Facial skin is very delicate – whether you’re washing your face or practicing gua sha, it’s important to be very careful not to drag the skin.

facial massage for lymphatic drainage

During your skin care workout, your skin care trainer will employ techniques to encourage lymphatic drainage and promote circulation. The lymphatic system is similar to the circulatory system, but instead of blood, it transports lymph fluid to the lymph nodes. Initially developed for treating lymphedema (a condition that blocks the drainage of lymph and results in severe swelling), the basic principle of a lymphatic drainage facial is to promote blood flow and encourage further drainage in the face. In this case, this massage aims to improve the texture and glow of skin while reducing the look of puffy eyes or swollen cheeks.

what can be expected from a face sculpting massage?

After a face sculpting massage, you should look and feel refreshed. Your skin should feel less puffy and look brighter – and you should look more awake!

At skoah facial shops, we don’t believe that beauty is pain. This is one workout you’ll be ready to sign up for month after month. After checking in for your training session, a member of our team will help you get settled in at your private treatment room. We’ll then lead you through a skin consultation, where we’ll discuss your goals and areas of concern. Our skin care trainers will then make product selections and begin your treatment.

Before your leave, your skin care trainer will help you to select any take-home products and walk you through your recommended at-home routine before scheduling your next appointment.

at-home exercises for facial muscles

Facial exercises aren’t only for the facial shop – practice toning jaw muscles at home with this exercise:

  1. Curl your index finger, resting it by your chin, letting your thumb rest underneath your jaw.
  2. Using sweeping motions, move your thumb and index finger outwards towards your ear.
  3. After completing this motion a few times, use the palm of your hand to cup your chin.
  4. Keeping your hands flat along the bottom of your jaw, sweep them out to the bottom of your jawline and finish behind the ears.

This exercise is just one of several you may complete at home. Work with your skoah skin care trainer to learn about exercises targeting your other focus areas.

schedule your professional skin workout

Choose a professional skin workout for a natural, noninvasive approach to reducing the appearance of wrinkles, de-puffing the face and even improving your complexion. Contact the nearest skoah facial shop and Get your glow™.