build the ultimate summer skin care routine

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plan your summer skin care routine

As the seasons change, your skin care should, too! No matter your skin type, it’s time to shift your routine to focus on sun protection, hydration, oil reduction (sweating and blemish control), and promoting healthy, dewy skin.

Learn how to get your summertime glow.

what is the best facial for a summer skin care routine?

The best skin care routine for summer includes facials that promote hydration, help in the fight against excess oil (sebum) production, and prioritize general skin health. Ultimately, though, the best facial for your summertime glow depends on your skin type and training needs!

Our top-recommended summer facials include the facialiscious™ facial, peel facial, and power™ facial.

our summer skin care guide

Our top 5 summer skin care tips apply to everyone. You can think of them as your go-to summer skincare guide.

  1. SPF! SPF! SPF! Sun protection is the most important part of any skin care routine, no matter the season. Choose a high-quality sunscreen SPF and plan to reapply. The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends selecting a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher that is water resistant. Bonus, consider stocking your routine with serums and cosmetics that are fortified with SPF.
  2. Prioritize hydration (even if you have oily or combination skin).
  3. Don’t forget your sunnies! Sunglasses aren’t just crucial for protecting your eyes from UV rays; they’re a great way to protect the thin, sensitive skin around your eyes from sun damage.
  4. Pick non-comedogenic products. Comedogenic makeup and products are typically heavier (think oils and butters). These ingredients are ideal for wintertime dry skin but may increase the risk of blemishes during warmer weather. A rule of thumb is to opt for lighter ingredients if you have normal or oily skin or are likely to sweat.
  5. Swap heavy foundations for a tinted moisturizer. A non-comedogenic tinted moisturizer will allow for lightweight coverage. Combined with a high-quality concealer, a tinted moisturizer will keep you hydrated and help to even your skin tone and disguise imperfections. You’ll love the way your skin looks and feels!

Other recommendations will vary by skin type and needs.

how to care for oily skin in summer

Summer routines for those with oily skin should focus on protecting the skin but allowing it to breathe.

Overproduction of sebum causes oily skin, which we often call “oil.” Sebum is critical to the health of your skin – it’s a natural moisturizer! But when too much sebum is produced, you may experience clogged pores and breakouts. This problem can be exacerbated by warm weather.

You can help control oil production by using products formulated for oil reduction and through a professional peel facial.

summer skin care routines for oily skin

In addition to skin care training, those with an oily skin type or suffering from seasonally oily skin should consider:

summertime dry skin care

Those with dry skin will be the first to dispel the myth that dry skin is only a problem in winter! While dry skin can be an isolated or passing issue, those with a dry skin type must prioritize hydration year-round.

Our top recommendation for a dry skin care routine is augmenting at-home treatment with professional training. The skoah power™ facial was developed to improve the complexion of dull, dry skin.

how to care for dry skin in summer

This summer, you can better care for skin that’s dry or prone to irritation by:

  • Avoiding accidental irritation by using our high-quality shave kream.
  • Prioritizing hydration by incorporating +hyaluronic acid into your routine.
  • Relieving sun-stressed skin with a fortified mask, like our kalm down mask.
  • Staying hydrated inside and out. Make sure to drink plenty of water and use a humidifier in your home (if you live in a dry climate).

summer skin care for combination skin

Have combination skin? That means you get the best and worst parts of dry and oily skin. Those with combination skin may be familiar with the term “multi-masking,” which refers to the different masks applied to areas of the skin that need extra attention – but this process pertains to other parts of your routine, too.

If you have combination skin, we recommend working with your skoah® skin care trainer to build a routine that includes a facialiscious™ facial (our most customizable facial) and a selection of products best suited to your skin.

summer skin care routines for combination skin

In general, those with combination skin should:

  • Choose gentle products that won’t irritate.
  • Focus on hydrating drier areas, like cheeks, and reducing oil in your t-zone and chin.
  • Tone with an alcohol-free product, like tonik
  • Consider a gel kleanser – but don’t over-cleanse!

make summertime facials a part of your routine with skoah facial shop

Regular facial appointments care for your skin’s immediate needs and help train your skin for the future. Paired with our simply powerful at-home skin care, our facials will help you this summer and year-round. Contact the skoah facial shop nearest you to schedule your next facial and stock up on our specialized at-home products.